Title Data type Download
ADV _EU_CSFII Final Evaluation Report pdf
Final Report (3)- Best Practices-ANPPCAN 2019 pdf
Basic Service Standards Prepared by YEM pdf
Case study PSNP final draft pdf
Learning Benchmarks for participants pdf
Ethiopia_National_Social_Protection Policy pdf
Implementation Challenges of Social Protecti pdf
National Social Protection Strategy Ethiopia pdf
Non-state-social-protection-in-Ethiopia_Chara pdf
Older People Displacment Report Final pdf
Older People Friendly SA Guide-2 pdf
Rethinking Social Protaction through Gender L pdf
Who takes of elderly in Ethiopia pdf
Draft Mapping Study of CSO in Four Tigray Wor pdf
Final Policy Monitoring Strategy Guide (YEM) pdf
NSA Update Mapping Report pdf
Partnership & Networking Guidline pdf
SHG Organization Guideline- Amharic Final Dra pdf
SHG Organization Guideline-English Final-Draf pdf
Training Guideline on Resource Moblization pdf
Amharic Manual on CSC (UPSNP Summary) pdf
Community Score Cards Guide for UPSNP pdf
UPSNP PIM revision msword