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Constituency, Networking/Partnership Building

Category: Uncategorised Published on Thursday, 09 January 2014

 Constituency, Networking/Partnership Building:

FCCRDA (June, 2013), Partnership for Development Training, AA, Ethiopia.

F“Networking and Partnership Building” on September 23-25, 2009 on the Impact of Population on Development and Integration of Population Policy in Education” on December 24-26, 2009 organized by Basic Education Network Ethiopia (BEA-E), both was held at Adama, Pan Africa Hotel.

FConducted Constituency Building Training for CSOs, A training organized by Christian Development and Relief Association (CRDA), CRDA Training Center Kality, June, 15-19, 2009.


FConducted various trainings on Organizational Development, Team Building, Constituency Building, Action Research and Strategic Plan. Which was organized by Progress Integrated Community Development Organization (PICDO), at Hawassa, July/ 28-31/2009?

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