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Social Accountability & Governance

Category: Uncategorised Published on Thursday, 09 January 2014

  Social Accountability & Governance:

*      Currently (20011-2014) YEM Consultant Institute with a collaboration of GOPA and VNG International (International Consultant firms) works as a partner on Ethiopian on Social Accountability Program in Ethiopia.

*      Conducted IRISH AID Embassy Governance Program Review on February-April/2011.

*      Conducted “Expenditure Tracking Survey on Water Supply in Zeway Dugeda Woreda” for Rift Valley Children & Women Development (RCWD), December up to January/2009.

*      Monitoring and supervising the implementation of social accountability tools by different partners in nine Woreds, organized by HelpAge International, January-May/2009.

*      Provided capacity building training and prepared proceeding on PASDEP, MDGs and Social Accountability for two Woreds for HUNDEE, Oromo Grassroots Development Initiative, April 2009.

*      Prepared training Handout and provided training on Budget Management and Budget Tracking Organized by HelpAge International Training Workshops of Addis Ababa (December 2-5/2008) and Ziway (December 10-13, 2008).

*      Implemented Community Score Card survey in Efratana Gedem Woreda, organized by Women Support Association (WSA), September up to December/2008.

*      Prepared training manual and provided ToT training for Women Association of Tigray (WAT), on Community Score Card, September up to December, 2008.

 Prepared training manual and provided training for Relief Development of Tigray Association (REST), on Participatory Budget Review and Community Score Card, December/2008,


*      Preparing training manual and providing ToT training on Social Accountability tools organized by HelpAge International Imperial Hotel, August 12-18/2008, Imperial Hotel, Addis Ababa.

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