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Local and International Consultant Firm Partners and Expert Pull of YEM Consultant Institute PLC

A)   Local and International Consultant Firm Partners

v  VNG International and YEM Consultant Institute PLC are partners since 2010 until 2015 on implementing Social Accountability program (ESAP2). Currently; ESAP2 program successfully completed and both YEM and VNG are cooperation for managing the bridging fund (which leads ESAP2 to ESAP3) until 2016;

v  YEM Consultant Institute PLC and VNG International (Netherland) also worked as partner on Social Accountability Awareness Raising and Experience Sharing Training”  for USAID  Mr. Abeje Teffera (YEM Consultant Institute) as  Senior Trainer on Social Accountability and Chief of Party (CoP)  of VNG and USAID.

v  Genius Training and Consultancy P.L.C: Focuses on Business development training and Advisory services as well as on Research, Public Speeches and Presentations. Accordingly; YEM Consultant Institute PLC (Abeje Tefera) in partnership with Genius Training and Consultancy PLC (Dr Woretaw Bezabih) jointly Delivered two trainings for five days each on “Creative and Development Oriented Entrepreneurship Skills” for CCRDA members and partners; September and October 2009.

v  WORKOD Consultancy: Focuses on research and training. YEM Consultant Institute PLC and WORKOD have strong partnership on the implementation of ESAP2 and on USAID SA Awareness Raising and Experience Sharing Training. Currently; WORKOD, YEM and ……….. Consultancy firm have made MOU to work jointly when the need of collaboration demanded by each consultancy firm partners.

B)      Selected Local and Foreign Experts Profile

1)      Abera Hailemariam Woldeyesus: MA in Development Studies (2014); MA Peace and Security Studies (2009), LLB (Law Degree, 2011) and BA in Philosophy (1987):  Served as Manager of  Union of Ethiopian Resident Charities (UERC)- Network of civil society organizations;  project coordinator and project officer for various CSOs; he also produced various books and working documents. Experienced in Conflict and Peace Building; Ethnic Identity and Ethnic Relations; Baseline survey; Strategic plan and various research and trainings.

2)      Yemeserach Abeje: BSC degree in Public Health (2008) and Master of public Health with General Public Health (MPH) in 2012. Currently she is working with Center for International Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT) as St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical College site coordinator to enhance the reproductive health pre-service training in Ethiopia using a customized and context based approach. She has rich experience on Development of project & research proposal; preparing health related institutional guidelines; data collection and analysis and management. Some of the research and training delivered are: 

vConducted qualitative data collection, transcription, document review and analysis for final Project Evaluation on “IPAS Community Engagement and Mobilization Projects on Prevention of Unwanted Pregnancy and Unsafe Abortion” of IPAS selected 12 implementing partners in August 2012.

vDelivered  20 days training on Home Based Voluntary Counseling and Testing on HIV/AIDS for 22 participants selected from various Regions for Organization for Social Services for AIDS (OSSA), October 4-25/2010 Adiss Ababa, Ras Hotel.

vConduct KONSO DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION CRC survey (data collection, transcription, document review and analysis) in 2013.

vConducted qualitative data collection, transcription and analysis for research on “Socio-cultural Perceptions of Infertility and their Implications in Adama” of International Partnership for Reproductive Health Organization in December 2013.

3)      Tariku Feyissa has MA Degree in Social Anthropology (2003) and BA Degree in Sociology and Social Administration (1993). He has been working as project and program coordinator for various NGOs and government institutions. Has ample experience on Social Accountability both ESAP1 and ESAP2, and rich experience in conducting monitoring and evaluation, conducting research/survey and analysis.

4)      Legesse Taffa Senbeta has MSc in Human Ecology and BA in Geography. I have over fourteen years professional experience in the area of planning, research natural resource management, monitoring and evaluation in public sector (government) and NGO sector (both local and International) that gave me chance to comprehend multi-sectoral issues of development and the key development actors.  His area of Expertise is Project planning and appraisal, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting, Designing and conducting qualitative and quantitative assessments/research, Data management, Training and facilitation.

5)      Mengistu Tsegaye Abera :  M.A in Science and Technology Policy  and LLB: senior expert on human right, policy analysis and Social Accountability.

6)      Habtamu Adane: M.A in Development, have rich experience on programming and project design, Result Based Management (RBM) and Rights Based Programming Approach (RBA); Experience on Capacity Development Assessment, Livelihoods Analysis, and Gender Analysis; Work experience in coordinating multi-partnership development programs and projects; Good understanding of national development policies and contemporary global issues (climate change, food crisis, HIV and AIDS, etc).

7)      Tamiru Sebsibe Welde Mariam: M. Sc. Degree In the field of Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Agriculture and B.Sc. Degree in the field of Agricultural Engineering. Have rich experience program coordination on climate change and food security program/project.

8)      SOFIA MOHAMED: Completed higher education at Kharkov (Ukraine) Institute of Engineering Economics having specialized in Accountancy Control & Economic Analysis and awarded MSc in Economics in 1993. She has ample experience and skill in program and project management; on Social Accountability tools application and delivering various trainings.

C)      Regional Representatives of YEM


Representative Experts of YEM Consultant Institute PLC at Region Level

Regional State /Administration

Complete Address


Abeje Teffera

Addis Ababa

YEM main office, 251-911-614409, 251-118961526, P.O.Box 55634 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,


Tariku Byessa












Berhanu H/Mariam

















Ethiopian Somalie








Dre Dawa





Abeje Teffera Teka 

(M.Sc In Demography)

General Manager


Yemsrach Abeje


Vice Manager


Tel. +251-118961526 P.O.Box, 55634 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  

Email: info@yemconsultant.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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