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CSOs  Need to Exert Efforts to Forge Collaboration with the Private Sector

Members of CCRDA underlined the need to forge collaboration with the private sector. During a panel discussion held on the premises of CCRDA on December 4, 2015, participants of the discussion underscored that there is a need to work together with the private sector.

While presenting his presentation entitled, “Collaboration between the Private Sector and CSOs”, Getachew Asfaw said, “The shrinking donor support necessitates the civil society to build partnership with a non–traditional partner, the private sector.” And he underlined the need for the private sector to carry out is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by providing a certain amount of its profit to the CSO sector. He said a private business needs a healthy, educated and well developed workforce and sustainable resources. CSOs also stand for socio-economic development. “These mutual shared values bind them together,” said Getachew.


Getachew Asfaw, during his presentation

He mentioned as principles to maintain collaboration the need to recognize each other’s values and expectations, the roles and responsibilities of each partner, the mechanisms for coordinating actions and the accountability lines within the initiative, develop communications mechanism for information flow, have legal agreements to enforce adherence.
In his presentation, Abeje Tefera, a consultant, underlined the need for CSOs to understand the private sector, its motivations and the pros and cons of having partnership with the sector.
Abeje Tefera while presenting
At the conclusion of the half day discussion, the participants recommended that CCRDA shall organize exhibition outside its compound to promote the activities of its members. They also suggested the need to organize a taskforce to strengthen CSO-Private sector collaboration to a higher level. The taskforce will be engaged in research and image building activities.
The participants also recommended as a way forward the need to strengthen partnership among CSOs themselves. They also emphasized that the CSO and private sectors should share experiences by organizing various events.
The participants of the panel discussion also stressed the need to invite the private sector and other stakeholders to attend annual, bi-annual or monthly review meetings to help them share first hand information about the engagements of the NGO/CSO sector.
The participants formed a taskforce at the end of the panel discussion that has eight members that were voluntarily elected.



 ESTABLISHMENT: The idea of establishing YEM Consultant Institute (YEM) was conceived in 1995 when the founder of the Institute felt the national level gap in undertaking research and training consultancy services in diversified areas. YCI was established as a legally entity on October 22/2000 Eth.C (Registration No. 06/1/3/13438/00) with the purpose of engaging in research and consultancy services.

Thereafter, in 2013 YEM Consultant Institute developed to PLC with a registration number 14/673/464350/2006 doing similar research and training activities and services as follows:

 - Institutional Management, Urban Development &  Resource  


  -Population, Reproductive Health & HIV/AIDS;

 - Constituency, Networking/Partnership Building;

 - Entrepreneurship, Trade, Tourism;

  -Social Accountability & Governance;

 -Gender and Women Development;

 - Research, Visibility Study, Impact/Capacity Assessment;

 - Preparation of Fliers/Best Practices, Manuals, Case Studies.

 Staffing: Currently, YEM Consultant Institute P.L.C has two full time professionals, specialized in multidisciplinary areas with second degree level of education and one senior accountant and administrator. The professionals have accumulated extensive work experience at governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as freelance consultants before they joined YEM. For short term tasks, YEM Consultant Institute PLC also draws professionals with wealth of experience depending on the nature and type of assignment it takes from clients.

 Objectives: The overall objectives of YEM Consultant Institute P.L.C is to provide quality and credible consultancy service i.e. Research & Trainings, on development and management related issues for legal institutions and individuals in Ethiopia.

 Vision: Aspire to establish representatives in all regions of Ethiopia, so as to provide networked credible consultancy service for local and international institutions.

 Mission: The mission of YEM Consultant Institute PLC is to create job opportunity, provide credible & loyal consultancy service and ultimately to develop specialized training and research centre in Ethiopia.

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Abeje Teffera Teka 

(M.Sc In Demography)

General Manager


Yemsrach Abeje


Vice Manager


Tel. +251-118961526 P.O.Box, 55634 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia  

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